Buying Time

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I want to carry on the theme from last week where I talked about spend to earn. Now, spend to earn is all about how can you put your money in the right places to actually expend first, to know that the earnings will come off the back of that later? One thing that’s very closely aligned to that is actually how you can say, “Time is money.” We hear that all the time, and I totally agree.

So, what did I notice very quickly was that a lot of the wealthy really bought back their time. Buy their time, right? Buy their time can expand to so many things in your personal life. It could be as simple as going to the carwash. Could be as simple ironing clothes and outsourcing that. Cleaning the house. Children, taking care of them.

On a larger scale, we can talk about your business. For example, I use videographers in other parts of my business. That’s a skill that we all really need to learn, because when you buy your time, you can use your time to other dollar productive activities.