Behaviours Vs Interest

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Promise, that this will be the last BBQ example, because this actually isn’t an example. It’s a true story.

So a few of us friends are getting together, just going through basic chats, really, just time passes until the food arrives, pretty much. But there was an interesting conversation until I stepped in, and I wanted to make it just so I being real with my friends and no sugarcoating at all. They were talking for at least 20 minutes on interest, who offers the best deals, where the best deals at the moment. We stopped it for a moment and said, “That’s important, but how much are you saving, how much have you putting across of your income, how long do you plan to do it, how frequent are doing it for, do you have a goal attached to it, have you dipped into your savings, how often does that happen,” so many things, because the conversation shouldn’t be on the interest. That’s secondary. The conversation should be on the behaviors and getting that right.

So behaviors verse interest, I’m all about the behaviors with the interest as a plus.