Beat the sun! You won’t regret it!

This isn’t your fitness freak talking…….This also is not a perfectly organised person with absolutely everything penciled in to their schedule..YET!

I am someone on a similar path to you, simply experimenting with different things to continue improving myself. For the last three weeks I started to get up bright and early, or as some would say I now BEAT THE SUN! It has had its up’s and down’s but as each day goes on, the up’s are truly outweighing the down’s. Many people have different opinions when it comes to the subject of time, however here is something I resonate with (image below)

  • When is the new me waking up?

5:15am, bright and early!

  • What am I doing in the morning with this extra time in my life?

Pushing my wife to get up with me (her and the alarm are not friends) / Spending time together before our busy schedules over breakfast and then the usual of getting ready / Recapping our goals set for the day / Attending weekly networking sessions with like-minded individuals / Responding to emails and social media notifications / Spending time with our little furry friends (2x Cavoodles) / Catching highlights of NBA games

  • The Pain?

Excessive yawning and the struggle to get out of bed (ONLY for the first week)

  • How is this change helping me?

It helps me live a life of no excuses and continue to improve. Does that mean perfect? NO…I still need find way’s to get exercise back into my life again! In it’s early days (3 weeks) looking back, I feel more energised, organised, driven, motivated and fulfilled!

In everyday conversations we hear many excuses of what ‘we CAN’ and what ‘we CAN’T’ do and in some way they usually link back to TIME. As I continue to do my best to keep this consistent I find these excuses mentally fading away.

The reason for this new change? Self-improvement! It is my number 1 focus and number 2 is using my improved self to give value back to others, from there I have noticed the world does you many favours. Favours such as the a basic sense of fulfilment, financial gain, improved wellbeing, reputation and so on.

I share this with you so you can hear it from someone new going through this change in habits and the differences it is making for me. If you aren’t working on the night shift, I say…