Barriers To Entry

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Today’s episode is all about sharing the biggest tip or game changer in terms of my savings plan. What it was was actually barriers to entry on my money, and it wasn’t myself that, you know, I didn’t come up with this idea. It was actually my wife. So earlier on, when we were starting our savings journey, she said, “Let’s put it into a joint account.” Number two was, “Let’s make it a two to sign account,” which technically means we both needed to have our signatures or both needed to log in together to take any money out, and the final part was actually even doing something called de-linking from our online banking, so we couldn’t see it, we couldn’t touch it until both of us needed to, and we had regular direct debits or savings going into that account. So that’s a tip. Putting your barriers to saving can be the biggest game changer and it’ll actually feel effortless when you’re money’s trickling along.