Accelerator VS Brake

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Many people actually know I’m a massive Grant Cardone follower and fan. There was something he recently shared around accelerator or the brake. What that was all about was conflicting opinions. You may have friends, family, mentors, bosses, so forth, and sometimes if you make that circle too big in terms of who you want to take ideas, and then execute, you really can get stuck. The best advice I can give is, once you find someone a direction and the purpose behind what you want to do, go hard, go fast, and go forward. Don’t mix up the accelerator and the brake, and have someone that says, “Don’t get into debt. Don’t ever get into debt. Debt’s bad.” And then someone say, “Get into debt, leverage, and grow.” They both might have achieved what you want to achieve, but if you’re gonna get stuck in the middle between the two, you’ll most likely not go anywhere.