5 Signs You Need Help With Investing In Real Estate

  1. Negotiations aren’t your cup of tea = Not all negotiations are the same, what worked for you in the car yard may not work for you in the world of real estate (maybe it could). Some real estate deals may require the typical strong backbone, short answer, my way or the highway approach. Other deals require you to tactically research and find ways to ensure both sides win. There are also deals where the best type of negotiation is no negotiation and a quick pick up at listed price could be the way to go depending on the qualities of the property. If you are unsure of the approach or you don’t know how to equip yourself and be deal ready for negotiation, help may be needed.
  2. You only want to buy near where you live = Unless you live in the city that is booming or due to boom, your strategy or lack of strategy may not be the best way to go. It’s ok though, as you are not alone, many people would like the comfort of being able to see and touch the property. To put yourself in the best position to make a quality decision, ensure you have considered the alternatives and other options out there for purchase by taking a borderless approach.
  3. Graphs, numbers, and research reports are boring = If you plan on skipping the numbers or skim reading through key research, then you are likely relying on the made up rule of ‘real estate doubles every ten years’. Real estate has its up and downs, and yes over the very long term it has continued to rise in most parts of Australia. However, skipping the important information could place you into a purchase you may regret for a very long time.
  4. Seminars, courses, & workshops (but no action) = Action action action. Whilst learning is great and the attendance is showing some sort of action in the form of self improvement, it sadly is not enough. At some stage action needs to be taken to get results, and if it’s not soon you may find yourself in a never ending spiral of trying to find that ‘one’ course that will create instant wealth ‘tomorrow.’
  5. I am paying too much tax = Buying property for the sole purpose of a tax benefit is a dangerous move, but sadly one that many take. The investment property comes first, then the potential taxable benefit is an added plus. Don’t compromise on the choice of the investment itself or how it will support your goals and lifestyle to simply chase a tax benefit.

If some or all of the above 5 signs resonate with you, using professionals such as buyers agents may be the help you require on your real estate investing journey.

In response to the signs for help, Buyers agents can:

  • Help you define and structure your investment strategy
  • Research and source your next investment for you across the country (if they are licensed across multiple states)
  • Negotiate and secure the property for you at the right price
  • Help you in taking action to achieve the results you set out to achieve

and much more.


Arjun Paliwal

Director – InvestorKit

Disclaimer – Contents of this document are of general nature only and should not be relied upon solely when making an investment decision. InvestorKit nor any of its directors, associates, staff, or associated companies bear any liability from any action derived from the contents of this email. One should always seek third-party investment information from relevant parties such as legal, finance, and accountancy enquiries.