$1,000,000 Question

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Let’s just say you’re talking to someone and they’re saying, “Money isn’t happiness. Money isn’t everything. Who needs that much money?” I actually used to get asked this one question when I used to think like that, then I started asking everyone else’s question. It’s actually a million dollar question. I mean it. What I’m basically saying is, if you are able to give a million dollars to charity, or support some cause, would you? Not one person said no. Every single person said yes, including those who believed money isn’t happiness, money isn’t everything.

Look, those two things don’t even need to go together. Money is money and whether you have it or not, you can be happy, so let that be put to the side, but when you ask that question, if you could give a million dollars to charity, the answer is always I would if I could.

Let’s put these thoughts that block us, away to the side, and start focusing on how we can get to those levels to be in a position to give that million dollars.